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These are some of our recent and relevant articles.  Some were written for professional legal discourse and others for a general audience.  Please enjoy learning about these important issues in elder law.

The Changing Face of Elder Law (T. Vogel)

Why do elders need special lawyers? Who are Elder Law Attorneys? What can they do? A basic article that is still a relivant introduction to these issues.

Dealing with Alzheimer's Disease: Legal tools for necessary decisions (T. Vogel)

Outlines some of the legal steps to making living with Alzheimer's easier.

Nine Steps to Long-Term Care Security (T. Vogel)

At Vogel & Associates we stress Private Sector Long-Term Care Planning. It is the answer to the question we have been asked many times:  "I really do believe that the government will not take care of me as I age ... Now what do I do?"

Answers for Gay and Lesbian Elders (M. Dubois)

A whole generation of gays and lesbians who have worked to be accepted are now approaching retirement age. They insist that their legal plans not only provide for loved ones, but celebrate and affirm gay and lesbian family ties and associations.

When to Use Supplemental Needs Trusts for the Disabled and the Elderly (M. Dubois)

What constitutes a "Supplemental Needs Trust" or a "Special Needs Trust" (hereinafter "SNT")?  How are SNTs appropriately drafted to comply with Federal and Maine law?  How can a SNT protect and shelter funds for your disabled client, or for the disabled children of your elderly clients?  Most important, when is it necessary for you to advise your clients regarding the availability and use of SNTs?

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